In recent times, Meek Mill has emerged as a symbol for criminal justice reform. Since being sentenced for a minor violation that occurred almost ten years after his initial crime, Meek has spoken candidly about his experiences and has advocated for change. In a recent video shared by Complex, Meek and Raheem Howard, a man wrongfully accused of attempted murder, reflect on literal and figurative the trials they have faced. 

Howard became the subject of national news when a police officer named Yuseff Hamadeh accused him of firing a gun at him during a traffic stop back in August. Hamadeh's accusation landed Howard in jail on several charges but was subsequently found to be false after an investigation revealed that Howard was not carrying a weapon at the scene, and Hamadeh was the only one who fired. 

Shortly after his arrest, on September 4th, East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore declined to prosecute Howard due to the overwhelming lack of evidence behind Hamadeh's claim. "He didn’t have it. There was no evidence. Because he didn’t have a gun, he didn’t fire a shot. And I think the suppression of the evidence by the cameras either malfunctioning or being willfully turned off only lends to that argument,” Howard's lawyer said.

You can learn more about Raheem below, and read about the upcoming Criminal Justice Reform Summit Meek is set to speak at alongside Kim Kardashian West and Van Jones, here