Ever since Meek Mill's release from prison, he's been working towards bringing reform to the justice system. As you know, he's been on probation for the better part of his adult life because of Judge Genece Brinkley. Along with Van Jones, Michael Rubin, Jay-Z and Robert Kraft, they've been working towards bringing change for probation and parole laws. Today, REFORM Alliance teamed up with bipartisan bill sponsors Rep. Jordan Harris and Rep. Sheryl Delozier to introduce the Smart Probation and Parole act to the legislature for consideration.

Moses Robinson/Getty Images 

REFORM has introduced their first major legislative action towards probation and parole reform. The Smart Probation and Parole Act is meant to:

  1. Incentivize good behavior and rehabilitation for people on probation and parole.
  2. Reverse damaging measures that led to Pennsylvania having the third highest percentage of its citizens on probation and parole in America.

The current component of the Smart Probation and Parole act includes.

  • Setting standards for probation term lengths according to the crime (2 years for misdemeanors, 5 years for felonies)
  • Standardizing “good time credits” in exchange for certified rehabilitative programming, i.e. GED courses and vocational training
  • Minimizing the types of technical violations for which an individual can be re-incarcerated
  • Increasing due process and effective communication when someone is suspected of a technical violation
  • Retroactive application for all components

“I’ve been on probation in Pennsylvania my entire adult life, for over a decade. Every aspect of my life is restricted," Meek said. "We need to pass HB1555 and make sure individuals in Pennsylvania never experience confining and oppressive barriers that make it nearly impossible to re-enter society, travel to a job or even provide for their families.”