Meek Mill has more than one reason to celebrate at present time, but one thing is harboring a stronger sentiment than the rest. Meek jumped on Instagram last night with the following message to his followers and the members of Senate voting his way: "This major!!!!" A lot of over sentenced (over-sentenced) men and women will come home soon!!"

In case you didn't know, Senate approved a Bipartisan Criminal Justice Bill, just yesterday. What the means exactly requires closer inspection. The first step in the program would enable ex-convicts to job training programs and modifies sentencing laws that prohibit nonviolent felons from seeking alternative justice. 

The bill seems to be exactly the kind of legislative process that would have prevented Meek Mill's "wheelie non-arrest" from becoming the full-blown headhunt administered by Judge Brinkley. And yet, from Meek Mill's perspective and America at large, the fight for prison reform has barely started. Prison reform is inherently a different cause than its revolutionary counterpart, the prison abolition movement which calls for jailhouses to be replaced by rehabilitation centers.

The Senate voted 87 to 12 to approve the motion, but it still has to inspection in front of President Donald Trump's desk, who is reportedly ready with his signature for when the time comes.