Meek Mill went from hero to zero, and back to a hero in a cylindrical motion, and it only took him a decade to complete the cycle. Now that his beef with Drake has been converted to a real-time friendship (as real as it gets in showbiz), Meek Mill has deemed it okay to talk about the dark thoughts that were passing through his head while "Back to Back" was in rotation.

At around midnight, Meek Mill decided to open up an impromptu Twitter confessional with no real implications. He told his followers that a few years ago he wanted to "green light" every DJ that he caught playing Drake's diss record, and thankfully, it seems he never followed through with those impulses, not once. Ps. the term "green light" is criminal slang for a commissioning a killing.

The funny thing is.. Meek Mill is probably appreciative of the effect his tragic loss to Drake had on his career, because without the exposure, who knows what would have happened. There's always the remote possibility that Meek's public humiliation at the hands of Drake, however unjust, actually helped him develop his underdog status in the view of the public, which came in handy when he needed our sympathy to drum up support in his legal hearings. Meek Mill will forever be associated with the OVO don, even if Drake eventually moves onto other pastures.