Meek Mill and GQ joined forces to create the latest installment of "Actually Me," a series where known public figures finally stare down the angry messageboards on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Similar to the previous installments posted by GQ, the guest, Meek Mill in this instance, is subjected to the deeply personal, lots of eccentric curiosity, and even several illustrations of the mundane, in the form of a questionnaire.

The questionnaire starts off at a tepid pace, only to pick up soon after Meek is asked about his friendship with New England Patriots' owner Robert Kraft, to which he replies, "we hustlers." From there, anonymous social media users go for the jugular (from the pre-existing tweets and postings unearthed by the GQ team). On the positive side of the fence, plenty of users congratulated Meek Mill on finishing 2018 with their pick for "AOTY." 

Nosy Nancy's tried to catch Meek Mill with his guard down, but the Philly rapper was unwilling to part with select information (regarding his forthcoming Motivation tour). Apparently, the opening acts will be disclosed at Meek Mill's convenience, not the other way around. Aside from the "particulars" Meek Mill was also forced to contend with a series of nonsensical questions, such as "the legal definition of a wheelie" and "where he finds his vocal stamina" among others. Check out the entire clip in the video at the top of the write-up.