Meek Mill and Milan Harris will be welcoming their first child together soon, but Meek's a bit concerned that his 420-friendly lifestyle might interfere with the impending birth. The designer announced her pregnancy during her fashion show back in December, and based on some digging, she seems to have already been about 12 weeks pregnant at that point. While it's unclear exactly how far along she currently is, it looks like Meek is preparing himself for when the time comes by imaging with the worst-case hypothetical scenarios. The rapper took to Twitter on Friday to, as he's been known to often do, share his anxious thoughts with his followers about the ultimate moment his baby is born, for which he hopes he won't be high as a kite.

"I hope I’m not high when her water break....." he tweeted. The message got some hilarious replies from his followers, who found humour in the prospect of this very thing happening.

Although they'd been rumoured to be dating for over a year, Meek officially claimed Milan as his girlfriend—and her unborn child as his own, as well—while he was in the midst of an online feud with his ex Nicki Minaj back in February.