Though he is, for all intents and purposes, a free man, the looming shadow of his legal woes continues to haunt Meek Mill. With Judge Genece Brinkley proving a stubborn, and eerily vindictive foil, the road to justice has proven difficult for the rapper. Still, he has managed to emerge from his incarceration with dignity, flourishing in his role as a prominent voice of reason. As it happens, however, the increasing hypocrisy of American society seems to have taken a toll on Meek, rendering the once poised rapper more visibly frustrated. Now, he has no problem calling it how he sees it, as evidenced by his latest Instagram post.

You might have heard about the childcare worker who attempted to hang a child with a noose; luckily, nobody was harmed. Despite the egregious nature of her crimes, the woman managed to avoid all jail time, getting off with a relatively light sentence of ten years probation. Naturally, word got back to Meek, who took to the Gram to voice his annoyance with the outcome. "THIS AMERICA... I can bet I got more probation than her!" He made sure to throw in a "thinking emoji" for good measure.

The whole thing feels off, especially given the fact that Meek Mill, well, did not attempt to kill a child. Perhaps he was doomed the minute he got hit with his probation in the first place. We can only hope we manages to shake this one for good. Free Meek, as per usual, and shout out to Childish Gambino with providing such a concise, eloquent way to measure cynical acceptance of The Land Of The Free.