Meek Mill has been busy working on new music, and a new report indicates that one of his upcoming tracks will center around Colin Kaepernick's cause. Pagesix goes in depth into some of the upcoming lyrics, which paint a powerful and inevitably controversial picture. "They won’t lynch him by hanging from a tree," writes Meek Mill, in his unreleased Colin Kaepernick anthem. "They lynch his bank account.”  Evocative language to be sure, and further evidence that Kaep's importance extends beyond his impact on the NFL. Clearly, Meek Mill senses a kindred spirit, given his own struggle with an unjust legal system. 

“They told Kap to stand up if you want to play for a team, and most of his teammates said the same thing,” raps Meek, in the unreleased track. “Back in the 30s you would be killed if you kneeled. They won’t kill you now, they just take you out of the deal.” It's uncertain whether he'll be addressing Kaep's recent Nike deal, which no doubt found Kaepernick securing a massive bag. Apparently, the single will be appearing on Meek's upcoming album, which is, evidently, "a surprise."

You may recall Meek and Colin Kaepernick's connection, which stemmed when the former NFL player visited the incarcerated rapper in jail. Are ya'll excited to hear Meek's socially-charged return to the game?