In 2006, Jay-Z effectively called for a boycott on Cristal over racially insensitive comments from the company's CEO Frederic Rouzaud. Fast forward 15 years and Jay-Z's own champagne brand Ace Of Spades has entered a 50-50 partnership deal with LVMH's spirits Moët Hennessy. For many rappers who are looking to sustain a career, Jay-Z continues to map out the blueprint.

 Erik Voake/Getty Images

Jay-Z's new deal makes him one of the few Black entrepreneurs in the lucrative and luxurious market of champagne. He even declared himself as the "highest-ranking African-American owner of a luxury goods product." The timeline has been flooded with tributes from Kevin Hart to his mother-in-law, Tina Lawson, who called Jay a "bad ass brother" for the work he's done between the NFL and now, LVMH.

Meek Mill took to the 'Gram where he shared a photo of himself and Jay-Z with a congratulatory message. "Congrats to Jigga... inspired by your moves!" He wrote.

Meanwhile, Durk took the moment to double down on claims that he's Chicago's Jay-Z. Durk shared a photo of himself holding a slew of Ace Of Spades bottles similar to Jay-Z.

DJ Khaled, of course, made sure to share at least two posts congratulating Jay, as well.

As did Curren$y, who shared a similar message as Meek Mill.