The events that took place outside of a 2016 Meek Mill concert in Connecticut, in which two young men by the names of Travis Ward and Jaquan Graves were shot and killed, lead to multiple lawsuits filed against Meek. The rapper has been battling these cases out in court for years, initially facing three separate lawsuits in connection with the incident. However, following the dismissal of Jaquan Graves' family's lawsuit earlier this month, it looks like Meek can officially put this whole tragedy behind him. According to The Blast, court documents state that the family of Travis Ward have dropped their case against Meek and dismissed all defendants.

All three lawsuits, which were filed against Meek, Live Nation, and the Oakdale Musical Theatre Company, had accused the defendants of negligence in hiring security. In one of the suits, the accusers even attempted to blame Meek's lyrics in his music for inciting violence, citing that they were the cause for the "history of shootings at his shows." At one point, the families offered to settle with Meek for $6 million dollars total. However, Meek did not accept, and has denied all allegations of wrongdoing. He argued his inability to have foreseen the shooting occurring, and denied any negligence when hiring security. He claimed that there were third parties involved who were outside of his control. In the Jaquan Graves case, he even pointed to the gunshot residue found on Daquan's body, which would "indicate that [the victim had] discharged a firearm during the melee" as well.