Meek Mill has his sights set on becoming one of the most established (and financially wealthy) businessmen to have ever come out of the rap game. He's been making big moves but, for some reason, he continues to get side-tracked by dramatic happenings and beef. If he continues on this path, the Philadelphia native will surely level up and become the next rap mogul, like Hov or DiddyHe's expecting another little one -- his first with girlfriend Milan Harris -- and that means that the money needs to keep coming in. Meek attended a "billionaire summit" with Robert Kraft and a bunch of other financial giants, taking in information like a sponge and utilizing it in his everyday life. At the end of it all, he posed for a picture with some powerful people and his plus-one, Milan.

"BILLIONAIRE SUMMIT was learning experience," wrote Meek Mill on Instagram, posing next to his close friend Kraft and his pregnant girlfriend Harris. Earlier in the day, he referred to the event as "billionaire school," promising to retain all the information presented to him so he could continue to level up and impress the world with his business savvy. The Dreamchasers king is on the way up.

Do you think Meek Mill will be the next rapper to make it to a billi? He's definitely making the right moves.