If you haven't heard or seen it by now, Drake sat down with the RapRadar boys recently for a lengthy, in-depth interview. The chat, which dropped in full yesterday, saw the 6 God talking about any and everything over his dominant run in music this past decade. At one point, the Meek Mill feud was brought up, to which Drake opened up about.

Drizzy said he was more testing the waters to see if Meek was really serious or if he had made a mistake. “Charged up was my way of being like ‘is this real,’ or a sporadic outburst. I just wanted to know if it was real. A package or a mistake on his part,” Drizzy says.

Continuing on, “Meek’s not a pretender or a joker.... Meek's really about that. I can tell you first hand. I know he's made a change in his life but I'll be the first to tell you Meek's that guy for real. I wasn't beefing with no punk. For us to turn that around was a big thing. We both thought an obligation to have eyes on us. All these young kids. We had to turn that around. We know how far it was going, and almost went."

After the interview, a fan on twitter praised Drizzy for his handling of the Meek situation, saying he thought it was super dope that Drake has respect for Meek. Shortly later, Meek retweeted that comment and replied “it goes both ways too,” referring to the respect the two have between one another.

Elsewhere in the interview, Drake spoke about Pusha T & Kanye beef, his thoughts on his own albums, the new generation and a whole lot more. Check it all out below. (Meek topic begins around 1:01:00 mark.)