As reported yesterday, Coachella 2019 was the scene for a pandemic outbreak of herpes in and around festival grounds. HerpesAlert, the leading diagnosis tool the Net has to offer, reported that 1,105 cases or prescriptions were filled since the onset of the festival, a startling increase from the year before. As you know, Herpes is an incurable condition. While the swelling can be contained and treated (to some degree), once you've caught "the germ," there's really no looking back. 


Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Meek Mill, of all people, was among the first "public figures" to react to the news report, and rightly so: in this day in age, Coachella seems to be frequented by an equal number of celebrities and commoners, meaning no one, regardless of where you stand socially, is exempt from "the germ."

Mind you, the Philly rapper's response makes light of the issue, judging by the relative distance between him and ground zero. "Me B4 I hit?" he speculated on Twitter. "Did you go to Coachella lil mama lol." It's interesting to note, although Meek Mill has signed out of Instagram momentarily, the Philly don has kept his pace going on Twitter. Just yesterday, he appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to speak on his favorite subject of social justice reform.