Meek Mill has emerged from his recent tribulation with a renewed sense of hunger. That much is clear. Lately, it feels as if Meek has been moving differently, putting his losses behind him and enjoying the victories as they come. Rest assured, they are coming; though his stint in prison was no doubt harrowing and unjust, his case helped raise awareness toward the flawed prison system and his upcoming music in equal measure. Now, with the latter in focus, Meek has been hard at work perfecting his upcoming project, which we have taken to calling his "surprise album."

Clearly, fans have been clamoring to hear a full length from Meek, and have likely flooded his DMs accordingly. The rapper has taken to Instagram to respond in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, hitting back with premium meme-fuel. "Why you keep asking me when ima drop bro I got youuuuu," writes Meek, alongside an amusing picture of himself in an incredulous state. 

While unconfirmed, it seems likely that Meek will be dropping before year's end. In the meantime, all we can really do is place our bets on the Philadelphia rapper.