It may feel like this Meek Mill coverage is treading water at this point, but in reality, a man's life hangs in the balance. With every passing day, it's more and more evident that an injustice is being served. And while Meek has managed to remain largely optimistic, it would appear that the rapper is reaching a breaking point. Who can blame him? After all, Judge Genece Brinkley has remained steadfast in her decision; even evidence confirming Meek's arresting officer was indeed corrupt did little to sway her opinion. Meanwhile, Meek sits in jail, even though the circumstances behind his incarceration are dubious to the point of farce.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Meek's anger is bubbling. For some context, the Philadelphia District Attorney moved to have Meek's conviction overturned as a result of the corruption scandal, but Brinkley was having none of it. Never one to acquiesce, she simply postponed the hearing another month for reasons unknown. According to Meek's team, the decision has led to accusations of "inequitable treatment," considering three other cases under similar circumstances have already been dismissed by another judge. 

Clearly, there's something deeper at the bottom of this one. Who knows what might befall Meek in the coming months. Hopefully Judge Brinkley can see the light. In the meantime, it's Free Meek as usual.