This past week, Dipset rapper Juelz Santana was released from prison after serving 19 months for a drug charge. Fans have been waiting for some good news involving Santana and his release was certainly a positive in a sea of negative 2020 headlines. This past week, Santana has been posting to social media with photos of him and his wife, while also describing just how happy he is to be home right now.

According to TMZ, rapper Meek Mill actually had a huge hand in helping bring Santana home early. Essentially, Meek reached out to Santana's wife, where he directed her towards a lawyer that could help with the process. As many already know, the prison system can be very tricky, and as someone who is interested in reform, Meek understands just how important it is to get proper representation.

In fact, Meek's efforts have now inspired Juelz to go out and deliver aid of his own. The artist told TMZ that he plans to link up with nonprofits in an effort to overturn sentences that were unjustly given out. Simply put, Santana is paying it forward.

Prison reform is a very important topic right now and it's an issue that affects millions of people. With more artists having their voices heard, the better the chance of real reform making its way through government power structures.