Both Meek Mill and Tory Lanez have had incredibly successful years as the two have continued to rise in 2018. Although 2018 started out horribly for Meek as he spent time in prison, he ends it with one of the best albums of the entire year, selling Championships in high numbers. Tory Lanez is looking at 2019 with more fervor than ever before as he looks set to drop off his all-Spanish project in the new year. A popular saying among artists is that your dreams will manifest themselves into reality. As you speak about something often, it will occur. So when Tory Lanez tweeted out that he wants to go to heaven, Meek tried to stop his friend in his tracks.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

While many wish to one day make it to heaven, Meek seems to be the type of person who would rather not make reference to it. He replied to the Canadian's post, writing, "Slow down bruh." Some fans responded to the initial message saying that Joyner Lucas had him feeling depressed, but Tory has been adamant that he believes he won their battle. 

Meek has been reactivating his Twitter fingers in a more positive manner than he did a few years ago, conducting Q&A sessions with his fans and answering their most important questions.