Meek Mill could soon be going through a similar situation as Chief Keef, if his probation officer is right. His P.O., Treas Underwood and Assistant District Attorney Noel A. DeSantis, spoke on alleged probation violations from the rapper in court on Friday, March 16th, saying that Meek is supposed to give a detailed agenda of his schedule when he leaves Pennsylvania.

During the Philly rapper's hearing, Underwood explained that Meek often leaves without providing the required information. This is a violation of federal law, as Underwood is required to know exactly where Meek is, especially when he's not in Philadelphia. Underwood told the judge that Meek would sometimes only let her know where he is after he arrived.

Meek defended himself saying that often he didn't know where he was going until the last minute. "The problem is that I don’t know," the MMG rapper said. "It changes every day." He also said that he doesn't directly handle his travel plans, and asked his attorney, Gary Silver, to pass along that information to his P.O. 

Meek added, "My best thing is to stay traveling," he explained, "Every time I come back to Philadelphia, someone tries to shoot me or get me back in trouble."

However, Underwood insisted that it is Meek Mill's own responsibility to contact her. 

It is reported that Meek and Underwood have a history together, having reportedly grown up in the same area of North Philly. It was evident in court, as Meek, Underwood, and his attorney interrupted each other often.

Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley refused to grant Meek a new probation officer though, and told them, "You folks are just going to have to work it out."

Meek Mill is currently in the middle of a five-year probation sentence stemming from his 2009 arrest on drug and gun charges, for which he served eight months.