One particular lyric from 21 Savage's new album I Am > I Was has been causing quite the stir in many different circles. On the track "asmr," Savage raps that he's getting "Jewish money," which can be taken a few different ways. Some would see the phrase as a compliment. Others view it as the furthering of a negative stereotype spread against Jewish people in America. When LeBron James rapped along to the track on his social media, the backlash was so intense that the NBA actually has to investigate the situation. Many believed his support of the lyric was inappropriate and Bron has since apologized. 21 Savage also explained his intentions behind the line and now, Meek Mill has come to his defence on Twitter.

21 Savage clarified that the Jewish people he knows are all amazing with their money, prompting him to rap about it in his music. Meek chimed in to support his bud, saying, "Jews have always owned everything in our culture from record labels .... our favorite teams ... our neighborhoods ... our clothing ... it has always been a compliment to say we was getting money like them from knowing the history of them overcoming hatred!" The Philly native then goes on to note how much he wishes a different narrative was told in the future. He said, "I can’t wait until the day I hear a different race saying we getting black folks money coming from being slaves in America! That would be amazing!"

Were you offended by 21 Savage's lyric or do you think people are really just overreacting?