Though Dreamchasers 4 still ain't out yet, Meek Mill has been all over the headlines, as he's inadvertently found himself beefing with two more rappers, The Game and Beanie Sigel, in addition to his conflict with Drake that doesn't seem to be nearing its end just yet. Meek addressed all of his current detractors on a lengthy new freestyle presented by Funk Flex, who has been one of his most ardent supporters since the onset of the Drake beef. It turns out that Flex and Meek were together on the night before sharing the freestyle video via HOT 97, and Meek used his club appearance to confirm that he will no longer be using the Internet to engage in any of his current beefs.

A few weeks ago, The Game -- seemingly outta nowhere -- dropped a Meek Mill diss track. Meek responded with a diss track of his own and then came another from The Game; both were delivered over the beat of Young M.A's "OOOUUU." In addition to the three diss tracks, there was much bickering done on Instagram. Guesting on Meek's diss were two Philly rappers, Omelly and Beanie Sigel. Just days after collaborating, Sigel was jumped by the Dreamchasers while backstage at the Bad Boy concert in Philly. The tension between Meek and Sigel is now as sharp as it ever was with Meek and The Game. Sigel has claimed to have provided ghostwriting assistance to Meek, and the Chasers have implicated Beans -- now on good terms with The Game -- as a traitor. 

During a club appearance in NYC, Meek played hype man for Flex and delivered a inspirational speech intended to stir up the crowd. Along the way, he alluded to the current beefs he's involved in and confirmed that he will no longer giving them any attention via the Internet. He then suggests he'll be ready if his rivals ever want to confront him in person: 

"I ain't going back and forth on no Internet. I ain't doin' no more talkin', none of that, n*gga. Any n*gga you hear say somethin' about Meek Milly, tell 'em to handle me on sight." 

The declaration comes a few days after Meek shared a screenshot from an alleged text from Beanie Sigel that seemed to reveal the Philly vet's intentions to support Meek at the onset of his feud with The Game. Though Meek has pledged to refrain from any beef on the Internet, he should have plenty to say on Dreamchasers 4, which is reportedly finished. Did his Funk Flex freestyle gear you up for the project?