Meek Mill is emphasizing the importance of staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic, indicating that COVID-19 has started to impact his friends and family members, including his uncle who appears to be in "critical condition." As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, it's very important to stay home as much as you can and help flatten the curve. As COVID-19 begins affecting familiar faces, many are beginning to understand the reality of this global crisis, and some stars, like Meek, are using their platform to spread this message (and help prevent the spread of the virus). The rapper took to Twitter on Thursday to stress the importance of social distancing during these times, explaining that the virus has begun impacting friends and family, like his uncle.

"Covid hitting family members and friends Now..." he revealed, before ordering his followers to "go in the house!" He went on to give more details about someone in particular who seems to have been affected by the virus. "My uncle called me from the hospital sounding like he critical condition from covid-19," Meek wrote. "He just was healthy weeks ago! Don’t go outside and walk a deadly virus in the house with your family! (fallback) pls."

While Meek indicated that his uncle seemed to be in critical condition due to coronavirus, he didn't specify whether he had actually been diagnosed, but the message is important regardless: anybody can contract this virus, and the best thing to do right now is to stay home as much as you can. We appreciate the words of wisdom Meek!