Meek Mill's upcoming album, CHAMPIONSHIPS is already looking like it'll be the most significant album in his catalog. CHAMPIONSHIPS serves as his first project since his release from prison earlier this year after being sentenced to 2-4 years behind bars for a probation violation. He became the face of criminal justice reform, a subject that he'll touch on in his new album. Ahead of the release of CHAMPIONSHIPS, Meek joined Ellen to discuss the need for criminal justice reform and his own legal case.

Meek Mill joined Ellen earlier today to discuss his prison stint and criminal justice reform. The rapper explained how his situation helped open up the conversation about criminal justice reform.

"When I got out, I actually started watching the news on TV and I was seeing, like, CNN, like big TV stations talk about my situation," he said. "So I'm like, this must be something good goin' on because I got people standing behind me. And usually, in these situations -- people go to jail for these things all the time like minor things, not committing time."

The rapper further explained that becoming the face of criminal justice reform is something he wants to do to help his community and the people that stood by him during tough times.

"Growing up in the environment that I grew up in, there wasn't a lot of support," he explained. "So I wanted to pay the people back that actually came out and, like, supported me and really just, make what's right, right. Because a lot of these things don't make sense and everybody know that it don't make sense but nobody focusin' on changin' it."

Peep Meek's interview with Ellen below.