It's been a little over a month since Meek Mill was released from prison, after spending five months locked up without bail over a probation violation. Now that he's been freed, Meek decided to give thanks to those who worked day and night to have him released from his imprisonment. 

According to Page Six, Meek took his around 30 person legal team out for an expensive dinner at Tao Downtown in New York City, where he and his guests likely dined on the $34 lobster pad thai or the $91 wagyu rib-eye teppanyaki.

While the private dinner was apparently punctuated by a gift of champagne for every member of the legal team, as an additional thank you from Meek. On Sunday, Meek made a dramatic entrance to his set at this year's Summer Jam music festival, riding on stage and popping a wheelie on a 4-wheeler ATV, a direct reference to the stunt that originally violated his probation and landed him in prison in the first place. 

Meek reportedly referenced this in his thank you speech at the dinner, saying "Last time I was in New York with a motherfucking bike, I lost my freedom. This time, we not going back to jail."

While seeing Meek celebrate his freedom is very uplifting, he still has a long way to go before he's out of trouble. His fight to rid himself of Judge Genece Brinkley is still ongoing, and he's still working to have his original conviction overturned

In the meantime, he'll continue to live his life to the fullest.