Before she got knocked up with Meek Mill's baby, Milan Harris was fully focused on the growth of her already-successful streetwear brand. Known professionally as Milano di Rouge, Harris was only confirmed to be Meek Mill's romantic partner twenty-four hours ago when the rapper admitted he was ashamed to be beefing with his ex-girlfriend as his current baby mama was sitting right next to him. The accusation-heavy Twitter war has finally reached its culmination with both sides appearing to take the high road for now. In the midst of the battle though, the Philadelphia rapper decided to use his business savvy to help his girlfriend earn even more attention, plugging her website as she trended across social media platforms.

Milan was a major trend on Twitter yesterday with fans trying to find more information about Meek's girl, also commenting on the situation between the two rappers. Realizing that he should be using this opportunity to flex his business moves, Mill remarked that Bill Gates is never out here beefing with his exes on Twitter. That made something click within him, promoting his upcoming single with Justin Timberlake and pushing Milano di Rouge's streetwear brand.

"Go to since she trending her clothes [fire,]" wrote Meek, directing traffic to the page. With so many eyes on what the rapper would say next, we're sure she saw a nice boost in orders from the shout-out.