Earlier today, it was reported that formerly-incarcerated rapper Meek Mill would be attending court today, in order to argue a post-conviction appeal for his original 2007 conviction that led to his lengthy probation.

Meek arrived at the court house, but before stepping inside, he took the podium to address a mass of fans, supporters, and journalists, who gathered to hear what he had to say before his appearance in court. While the main obstacle standing in the way of Meek's freedom has been Judge Genece Brinkley, the allegedly corrupt judge that sentenced him to his last prison stint off a non-violent probation violation, Meek's speech didn't touch on her whatsoever. Instead, he decided to thank his supporters for being so dedicated to his cause, and renewed his pledge to fight for the freedom of himself, as well as others. 

"I actually left a lot of men inside those walls who can't spend fathers' day with their sons," Meek said during his speech. "Some of those men are actually innocent, so when y'all came out to stand up for me I just wanted y'all to know that I will stand up for y'all family members through the rest of my music career, and my platform that I have, to extend myself and make a difference in justice reform."

Meek is currently in the court room, fighting for a re-trial, but is expected to hold a news conference afterwards with the details of the result. Check out TMZ's video of Meek's full speech to his supporters below.