Meek Mill's reign in the City of Brotherly Love is reaching undisputed status if it hasn't already. It's come to a point where the municipal council in Philadelphia is dedicating a weekend-long celebration in his honor. 

Beginning on Thursday, March 14, 2019, as in today, the city of Philadelphia will be celebrating Meek Mill Weekend, designed to coincide with the rapper's homecoming concert off his ongoing Motivation Tour. City Council President Darrell L. Clarke is believed to be holding a press to mark the festivities "official" at this present moment.

And yes, the festivities run longer than expected, as today's commencement will runneth over to Saturday night, giving Phillie fanatics just over three days to celebrate their favorite child. Not only that, but Pennsylvania Senator Sharif Street is trying to get an initiative passed last minute, so the whole State can join in on the celebrations.

Meek Mill isn't only regarded for putting the Philly music scene on the map following the decline of The Roots and the Roc-A-Fella faction in the city. The Dreamchaser CEO is also responsible for helping push several philanthropic endeavors in his hometown, as well as plenty of criminal justice reform advocacy at the National level. Meek Mill barely needed any confirmation of grassroots support, but in any case, here's to hoping MM Weekend reaches levels of Statewide ubiquity, and Philadelphians enjoy every last minute of it.