Yesterday, many were left considering a foray into the great outdoors during the Great IG Crash Of 2K19, which some have already dubbed "Y2K2." As it happens, Meek Mill was among those left in a reflective state, as the rapper took to Twitter to weigh the benefits of an Instagram-free world. "The Gram down today?" he inquires, "that means capping is down 74% percent today!" Not only did the crash lead to a noted decrease in "Capping," but also in the frequency of naked girl sightings. Now, this might regularly be a negative side effect, but Meek is quick to ponder some of the low key benefits.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"The wildest part is when you scrolling and see ya man girl twerking or half naked on the gram throwing thirst traps," says Meek. "That's some new shit I had to learn how to control mentally." As he sees it, perhaps removing the temptation altogether might lead to a freer mind, albeit one that witnesses fewer scantily clad dames. Life is always filled with trade-offs, is it not? 

In truth, the temporary crash of both FaceBook and Instagram led to several what-ifs, largely centered around a social-media-free world? Are we as a society pot-committed, to use a poker term? Or could we simply quit cold-turkey, left to live like our ancestors of yore. Provided HNHH was still around, of course.