Meek Mill's legal woes continue in the aftermath of his prison sentence that was handed down by a Pennsylvania judge. 

After getting their bail request denied by the Superior Court, the pre-arranged bail hearing with Genece Brinkley, the judge who has presided over this case from the beginning, has resulted in a similar punch to the gut. Justice Brinkley has also denied Meek's bail request. She called the rapper a "flight risk" and "a danger to the community," according to TMZ.

In addition to those harsh words, the judge also questioned the validity of his drug tests that came back clean. She thinks that he may have used tactics such as a "Fast Flush" in order to cleanse his system. There is no proof that Mill doctored his drug tests in any way, not is there any evidence of tactics used by the rapper that were designed to circumvent the process. Meek's attorney, Joe Tacopnia, says that he and his team plan to appeal the decision.

Meek's sentencing has been the catalyst for many celebrities from the hip-hop world and otherwise to speak out against what they see as a corrupt American justice system. As Rick Ross said in a recent interview with Tim Westwood, "What I want to continue to express is for everybody who is at home in the same struggle, let’s use Meek Mill’s attention to shed light on a problem we that we know is bigger than Meek Mill. We gon' scream Meek name and just make sure we fight this injustice that's going on for young black males that's in the game, period. This is going on all around the world, you dig?"