Some news stories have evolved and run their course this year but one that continues to stick around is Meek Mill's legal trial, including his release from prison and evidence of corruption in his case. While he was originally sentenced to serve two to four years in prison for violating his probation, Meek was released last month after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered for him to be freed on bail. With the amount of bizarre activity in the trial from Judge Genece Brinkley's potential one-sided bias to officer Reginald Graham's proven corruption, the decision to release Meek was pretty clear. If things go as planned, it's looking as though his conviction will be overturned altogether as well.

Filing for a post-conviction relief act, Meek's legal team attempted to speed up his release earlier in the year as facts began to pile up supporting their client's case. With the excitement surrounding his release beginning to morph into anticipation for new music, Meek's lawyers continue to fight to have his conviction overturned completely. TMZ is reporting that Bradley Bridge, an attorney who has worked on over 2000 cases of post-conviction relief, is saying that Meek's conviction should be overturned come the hearing. Stating that he has never witnessed anything close to how Judge Brinkley has treated Meek, Bridge said, "I have never had a judge order an evidentiary hearing where the prosecution has conceded the legitimacy of [post-conviction] relief."

With the hearing set for next month, it will remain to be seen if Meek's case will be overturned or if he will be forced to continue fighting the charges.