There is no surprise that Meek Mill and his legal team have been disappointed with how Judge Genece Brinkley, the controversial Judge in his case, has been deciding his outcome in the last few months. If it were up to her, Meek would still be in jail right now serving the remainder of the four years she originally sentenced him to. The feud between Brinkley and Mill has been a longstanding one, dating back to years ago when the Judge reportedly asked him to reference her in one of his songs. Possibly using the case to build her clout, Brinkley's actions and decisions have been heavily frowned upon by supporters of Meek Mill and his legal team. Open about their distrust of her handling of the trial, one of Meek's attorneys had some choice words about her.

After Brinkley refused to grant Meek a new trial again, attorney Joe Tacopina spoke to about the Judge's actions, insisting that she is unfit for the case. Tacopina referred to Brinkley as "an immature, petulant, ignorant child," before adding, "I didn’t think I could question her ability to be qualified to sit as a judge anymore … but I have now reached a new high."

Meek and his team have been vocal about the Judge potentially being biased against them. Tacopina spoke to us while his client was still behind bars, detailing the specifics of the case. You can read further remarks from his interview here and watch his sit-down with us below.