From recent reports, it looks like Meek Mill's release from prison will happen soon. The D.A. has stated that they're not opposed to Meek's release and because of the involvement of police corruption on the case, the rapper's conviction is also likely to have his conviction overturned. His mother, Kathy Williams, has been riding with Meek since the jump and has publicly spoken out about her son's conviction as well as the justice system entirely. In a recent open letter to Lady Justice, Meek's mom pleas for her son's release.

Meek's mother recently shared a open letter to Lady Justice via Billboard where she spoke candidly about the effects the justice system, and this case in particular, has damaged her family, her son and many other black men across America.

"I was always taught — and always believed — that you, Lady Justice, were fair, impartial and balanced. That was until you took my son from me at the tender age of 19." She said.

She continued to elaborate on the evident amount of corruption within the justice system and with that, has caused an incredible amount of emotional and physical turmoil for Meek. 

The problem is that the justice system has failed my son at every turn and hasn’t let go. You, Lady Justice, have allowed corruption at the highest levels of the system, and cruelty and spite have cast doubt on your very foundation." She wrote, "You are supposed to balance fairness and blindly always do what’s right, yet injustice has taken 11 years of our lives."

Williams also brings up the fact that not only the District Attorney and Governor Wolf have also pledged for Meek's release and Lady Justice has still not said anything on the matter.

"Today feels heavier because, now that the truth has finally been revealed, for some reason Lady Justice you are not weighing in. Where are you?The District Attorney and Governor Wolf had the courage to say let my son out of prison due to this injustice. You’ve taken his innocence and abused his pride. He’s suffered loss of family and freedom." She wrote.

At the end of it, she makes her plea for Meek's release. 

"On behalf of every mother whose son suffers the cruelty of unjust punishment, I now beg you to hear the words of the DA and the Governor and release my son."

Williams has been active on the forefront of the #Justice4Meek movement and recently joined the "Reform" panel on the rapper's behalf. Read the full open letter here