It was a rough Friday (February 19) for Megan Fox after she began trending on social media. Unfortunately for the actress, she became the subject of false reports after an alleged screenshot of one of her Instagram posts went viral. In it, Machine Gun Kelly's girlfriend is seen reportedly advocating as an anti-masker where she stands accused of writing, "While I appreciate the concern of my fans and others, it is ultimately my decision to trust the universe to keep me and my family safe."

MEgan Fox, Viral, Machine Gun Kelly
Rich Polk / Stringer / Getty Images

The message concludes that she shouldn't be bullied about not wanting to wear a mask during the pandemic, but after the post went viral, the actress's fans were quick to point out that Megan Fox has been repeatedly photographed wearing a mask. It didn't take long for people to find where the original post came from before it was confirmed that the anti-mask post was a fake.

Fox, who already doesn't post much on social media, took to her Instagram Story to address the controversy. “I’ve never made any statements regarding wearing masks," she wrote. "Scary that you can go viral and possibly be socially crucified for something you haven’t done. The internet is so FUN.”

Check it out below.