Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby released the highly-anticipated music video for "Cry Baby" on Wednesday night, one of the standout tracks from Megan's gold-certified debut album Good News, and it did not disappoint. People have been raving about the video on social media, pointing out their favorite moments and praising the frequent collaborators on yet another successful team-up.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Two of the defining artists of the current era of hip-hop, Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby have worked together on multiple occasions. Every time they get on a song together, it's basically a given that they'll complement each other and step up their games. They bring out the best in one another, which was clear in the "Cry Baby" visuals. 

Taking place entirely in a toy shop, Megan and Baby form a different kind of duo from Woody and Buzz. Their twerk-filled choreography is easy enough to learn for a new dance challenge to start off the back of this, and Megan's different looks throughout have fascinated her fans into trying to recreate them.

This isn't the way we remembered Toy Story going, but it's definitely a suitable alternative.

What's your favorite scene from the "Cry Baby" visuals? And do you think they ate up the choreo?