Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison Fontaine want the world to know that they're taken, using the weekend to post some intimate pictures of each other in bed.

Despite their relationship seemingly being pretty new, Megan and Pardison Fontaine have gotten close pretty quickly. After a video surfaced on social media of Pardi seemingly yelling at Megan on her birthday, the two have been using their platforms to rewrite their narrative, painting a picture of a couple in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. On Sunday night, Megan posted a new photo dump on Instagram, including tons of Pardi references. "I’ve been grinding so hard lately the hotties are abt to be so proud," wrote the rapper. "Literally all I’ve been doing is working and entertaining mr hotboy."

In the pictures, she lays in bed with Mr. Hot Boy and throws up a peace sign. She also shows off the take-out that they ordered, as well as the text message and photo she sent him when she woke up before the songwriter. "Y u be f*ckin wit me lol," said Pardi when Megan sent him a picture of her awake next to his sleeping self. "Why you don't wake up the same time as me," she responded. 

Pardison also came through with some compromising shots of his own, posting a snap of his girlfriend with a gold bonnet on her head as she prepared to rest her eyes for the night. "SOMETHING BOUT HER IN THAT BONNET BE SENDING ME," he said. "THEEPARDIGIRL." On Twitter, he shared a voice note where he says that Megan is never heading back to anybody else, claiming her for eternity.

Do you think Pardi and Megan make a nice couple?