If you're on social media, then you've seen the #SavageChallenge that has taken the world by storm. A month ago, 19-year-old Keara “Keke” Wilson hopped on TikTok with a few dance moves she strung together to match up with "Savage," a track from Megan Thee Stallion. The Suga song quickly went viral—along with the teen's dance moves—and it became a phenomenon. People of all ages and backgrounds from around the world became "classy, bougie, ratchet," making Megan's song a hit.

Megan Thee Stallion
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

"Courtney Cox did it, and Jessica Alba," Megan told Jimmy Fallon for a social distancing segment of The Tonight Show. "Freaking Janet Jackson! Taraji [P. Henson]." Jimmy couldn't believe that Janet Jackson got in on the trend. "All the ladies were posting it and I was like 'Janet Jackson! You know me?' Now we follow each other on Instagram and I'm like, I win. Janet Jackson follows me on Instagram. Everybody else can go away."

Aside from freaking out about her connection to the Rhythm Nation icon, Megan Thee Stallion speaks about being in her senior year of college and her aspirations of opening a senior assisted-living care facility. She said that it was her own family that prompted her interest in helping elders after watching her grandmother take care of her great-grandmother. She added that she also plans on giving her classmates jobs once they graduate because it's difficult to find work after leaving college. Check it out below.