Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, the two Vice-Presidential nominees, linked up last night for the first-and-only Vice-Presidential Debate, which aired live across the nation. Despite Pence consistently going over his allotted two minutes, this debate was far less mean-spirited than that between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, which was really just a shouting match. 

Harris' facial expressions have been going viral this morning, and so has the fly that was glued to Pence's head for a good ten minutes, but their policies and responses are getting less attention.

Megan Thee Stallion was tuned into the debate, commenting on one specific question that was posed to Mike Pence, regarding whether he believes that the grand jury decision made in the Breonna Taylor case resulted in justice for her family. 

"Well, our heart breaks for the loss of any innocent American life, and the family of Breonna Taylor has our sympathies," said the Vice-President. "But I trust our justice system, a grand jury that refused the evidence."

When asked the same question, Harris said that she does not believe justice was achieved in the Taylor case, saying that there needs to be criminal justice reform. "I am a former career prosecutor, I know what I am talking about, bad cops are bad for good cops. We need reform of our policing in America and our criminal justice system," she said.

The officers responsible for breaking into Breonna Taylor's home and fatally shooting her in her sleep were effectively not charged for her death, only for the bullets that went through her apartment's walls and into a neighboring unit.

Tuned into both of their responses, Megan Thee Stallion was triggered by what she was hearing.

"Pence’s response to the question 'did Breonna Taylor receive justice' was disgusting #VicePresidentialDebate," tweeted the Houston rapper during the debate. 

Stalli isn't the only celebrity to be criticizing last night's event. 2 Chainz was also critical of Pence on Instagram, as was Cardi B.

What did you think of the debate?