All eyes have been on Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion this year and that means that she needs to look her best at all times. If she's out and about, there's a chance she'll be photographed so the young woman takes pride in her appearance, showing off some of the fiercest make-up looks in the rap game. Much like everybody else in her position, Meg gets some help from professional make-up artists but she's also pretty skilled when it comes to applying her own product. Young Tina Snow had an unfortunate disagreement with one of her team members recently when one of her regular artists spoke out and implied they weren't properly being credited for their work. That elicited a fight in the comments section.

Lisa Lake/Getty Images

Chiming in via the comments section of her Vogue vlog video yesterday, make-up artist Akilaface went in to get some credit but Meg was quick to downplay it all. After noting that she had also worked on the look, Akila called the response "hurtful" and attempted to drag Meg. "No you filled in your eyebrows and put on your lighter Mac powder when I was done," said Akila. "This is not a makeup war I always do your makeup and never get credited." The H-Town Hottie went back at the MUA with the harsh reality of the situation.

"Whoa. First of all if you was really 'hurt' you could've text me this. Second you right it ain't a war bc we all kno I do my makeup and you touch it up or I let you start it and I finish it."

They may not want to admit it but it looks like a make-up war is on. Get the popcorn ready.