People are always trying to figure out who Megan Thee Stallion might be hooking up with, which proves to be a difficult task when she appears to be homies with everybody. Wiz Khalifa was one of the firsts to be suspected of securing hip hop's resident Hot Girl. Back in June, the two advertised that they went on a gym date together, but things seemed to be more amicable than romantic between them. This was confirmed shortly after when Wiz started dating Aimee Aguilar and Meg entered a short-term relationship with Moneybagg Yo (which may have just been a publicity stunt?). 

Well, get ready for the rumour mill to start spinning again once people see the video below. Wiz and Megan might have had a night on the town because she shared a video on Instagram in which Wiz emphasizes a line in one of his songs playing in the background: "6 AM and we still trapping." The time stamp in the top-left corner of the video confirms this, if Meg's phone happens to be set to EST rather than Los Angeles' PST. The next line of the song is equally accurate: "I'm riding 'round with a Stallion, she testing me, I accept the challenge." Stalli sits in the passenger seat behind Wiz as she has her hand firmly gripped around his neck. 

This video leaves us with a few questions. Since this song is unreleased, did Wiz foresee his future and record it to soundtrack his ride? Were the two rappers leaving a studio session? What is Meg testing exactly? Will Wiz withstand the challenge? Hopefully we'll have some answers soon enough.