Her Hotties have helped catapult her into stardom and when they're in need, Megan Thee Stallion will do her best to help wherever she can. The Houston icon has been riding the waves of success over the last few years as her star continues to rise, but on Tuesday (June 15), Megan received the unfortunate news that one of her fans had passed away.

A Twitter user named Selena shared, "Meg we lost a hottie [crying loudly emoji] our best friend passed away unexpectedly." She was speaking about her friend, Shaniah Scales.

"They absolutely loved you, listening to ur songs was something we did every time we were together," she continued. "We’re helping their family w funeral costs. We started a gofundme & are halfway there. @theestallion." Without hesitation, the rapper retweeted the message and asked, "How much do y'all need?"

The person told Megan they still needed $8K, and after being sent a link directing her to the GoFundMe campaign, the "Thot Sh*t" hitmaker immediately donated $8,155. The GoFundMe reached its goal and was closed. 

"Y’all better RIDE for @theestallion if you weren’t already," Selena later tweeted. "Shaniah is in heaven freaking the f*ck out right now. The realest out there. I’m still in shock. Omg what a blessing. Also for anyone sending us love, I appreciate you. It’s overwhelming im gonna try and get back to u!"

Soon, Selena faced accusations that she was scamming Megan Thee Stallion and her fans out of money, so she returned to defend herself. "Sad I have to even tweet this but I’ve been receiving a lot of messages that apparently we are scamming people," she said. "I wish my best friend’s death was not real but this is 100% true. We don’t need to involve anyone to try and get money for no reason. Shaniah’s service will be this Sat."

Check out a few tweets below.