If you're not following 2 Chainz's dog, Trappy S. Goyard, or Ty Dolla $ign's dog, Julio, on Instagram, then you've been seriously missing out. Trappy is evidently the more famous of the two, garnering 77,000 followers, while Julio only has a measly 3,000. However, it's unfair to compare because Trappy is the costar of 2 Chainz's viral web series with VICELANDMost Expensivest Sh*t

Not only do the photogenic pups share in common that they are French bulldogs, but both of them were lucky enough to meet Megan Thee Stallion this week. While Julio seemed to be preoccupied with Megan's cakes, Trappy was more shocked to see Megan's dog, 4oe, who looks as if he could be Trappy's long-lost brother. 

Megan has shared multiple photos of her and the adorable, 4oe, but we have yet to see more from her newest baby, 5ive. Megan, if you're reading this, we'd like official Instagram accounts for them both. 

While the location of Julio and Megan's encounter was not specified, it'd be a fair guess to say that it was at the video shoot for Megan's recently released summer anthem, "Hot Girl Summer", featuring Ty $ and Nicki Minaj. While we got high hopes for this video already, Julio and 4oe starring in it could take it to a whole other level.