Megan Thee Stallion enjoys a myriad of different nicknames that her fans love referring to her as. In the short year that she has been rising in the industry as one of the grittiest female rappers on the microphone, Hot Girl Meg has morphed into the H-Town Hottie, representing her native Houston during each twist and turn of her career. The budding superstar enjoys giving back to her city, showing love to Houston legends and getting her hands dirty with some community work in Texas. With Thanksgiving spirit flowing all around us, Thee Stallion decided to contribute some of her time (and hard-earned money) to donate goods to families in need this holiday season, writing a check worth over $15,000 to the Houston Food Bank and setting herself up on the ground to physically hand out turkeys to over a thousand households.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Everybody deserves to have a special meal tonight with family, friends, and loved ones. Hell, if R. Kelly, Kodak Black, and Suge Knight are eating good behind bars, there is no reason why someone should go without a hearty meal on this beautiful Thursday in November. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Megan Thee Stallion spent her time this week donating money and turkeys to several hard-working organizations in her hometown, including Fifth Ward, Southwest Houston, Kashmere Gardens, and more. In total, Meg parted ways with $15,400 worth of turkey.

Stalli is among a large number of celebrities who donated time and money to those who need it this holiday season. Big ups to the rising star.