Over the course of the last few days, it was becoming quite clear that Joe Biden was going to win the Presidential Election. Of course, the race had not been called as there was still more information to be brought in. After more ballots were counted in key states like Nevada and Pennsylvania, it had become crystal clear that Biden was about to become the winner of the election and all of the major networks decided to call the race. 

President Donald Trump is refusing to concede the race and is looking to sue various states as he attempts to prove there was some voter fraud at play. For now, he has very little evidence to back up these cases and he seems destined to be ousted from the White House.

According to a former Trump aide by the name of Stephanie Wolkoff, this news is a big triumph for First Lady Melania Trump who has been rumored to want a divorce.

Donald Trump

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

According to the Daily Mail, Melania was in tears back in 2016 as she never thought Trump would actually win. As a result, she was hesitant to move to Washington with her son Barron. Wolkoff says that Melania even negotiated a post-nuptial agreement with Trump which suggests that as soon as they leave the White House next year, the two will be headed straight for a divorce.

These are claims that have been made for a while now, and when a moving truck was spotted at the White House just days ago, the memes began pouring in. Over the coming months, it will be interesting to track how this story develops.