The verdict's still in the air on whether or not burgeoning Harlem emcee Melii will be quitting the rap game, telling the world just over a month ago that she's giving up the rights to her music due to a loss of interest sparked by trust issues within the industry. However, until the ink is dry on her retirement papers, she'd very much like for other female rappers to stop stealing her unique high-pitched rap flow.

Hmm...we wonder who she could be referring to! 

Melii biting stealing Rap Flow female rappers
Image: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

"I don't want no more of you bitches trying to take my flow," Melii said in a recent clip that's going a bit viral, finishing off her message with a slightly cocky, "Yeah, I said it!" verbal sign-off.

A few names came up from spectators after The Neighborhood Talk posted the clip on social media, and a few of the names weren't even rappers surprisingly. One follower wrote, "So I’m gonna be honest her and Daniileigh music sounds alike [sic]," referring to Def Jam's oftentimes-controversial R&B princess DaniLeigh, meanwhile another person went for the more obvious suspect by commenting, "Y’all know damn well she talking about that lil girl Coi!" Don't even front — you know you was thinking Coi Leray, too!

While we can somewhat understand Melii's frustrations with feeling jacked without any proper form of credit, there's also the notion that it doesn't really matter at the end of the day if her plan involves quitting music anyway. Hopefully this doesn't lead to any rap wars in the immediate future, but at the same time a little competition never hurt when it comes to hip-hop. Well, as long as it stays on wax. May the highest-pitched voice win!

Who could Melii be talking about? Sound off with your thoughts down below in the comments section: