Christina Aguilera recently guest starred on James Corden's series Carpool Karaoke and put her powerful vocals on display. First, she delivered on her classic single "Fighter," before doing a live rendition of her club banger "Diirty." Released in 2002, the raunchy single featured Redman, who Aguilera used as an inspiration for the song before it was even constructed. Aguilera loved Redman's "Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get in da Club)" single, and contacted the song's producer, Rockwilder, to make her a single that gave listeners a similar vibe. She did just that, and recruited Redman onto the final version, which featured a music video that helped push a lot of boys through an early puberty. 

After Aguilera shows Corden that she still has the vocals to get dirty, comedian and actress Melissa McCarthy literally pops up out of nowhere (thanks to some talented editing work) and performs Redman's verse. She flawlessly delivers the verse from the backseat while Corden joins along and Aguilera inserts the ad-libs. "I guess if there's a Redman rap, it's probably me," states McCarthy afterward. Apparently, McCarthy and Aguilera are friends in real life, which only makes their chemistry flow smoother during the performance. Check it out below.