Memphis Bleek may not be as active as he once was, but the hip-hop heads value everything he has brought to the table throughout his career. In fact, he was right there since the beginning of Jay-Z's career, acting as his consigliere on Reasonable Doubt songs like "Coming Of Age." From that point onward, Bleek became one of Hov's frequent collaborators, amassing a fair collection of Roc-A-Fella classics to his name in the process. "Dear Summer," (sort of), "It's Alright," "Is That Your Chick," "Change The Game," and "From Marcy To Hollywood" are but a few to be remembered fondly by Roc aficionados.

Memphis Bleek

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Perhaps inspired by the release of Jay-Z and Pharrell's "Entrepreneur," IG account critics_of_culture posed an open question: "Which rapper from this list has the best songs with Jay-Z?" With options ranging from Jaz-O to Sauce Money, Beanie Sigel to Freeway, Kanye West to Drake and Rick Ross, Memphis Bleek himself chimed in to declare his own undisputed dominance. 

"You know who took that crown," he boasts, alongside a few playful emojis. "None of them want no smoke." In a moment of strong validation, fellow Roc alumni Freeway chimed in, wholeheartedly agreeing with Bleek's assessment. "You got it king!" declares Philadelphia Freeway. "I remember listening to 'Marcy To Hollywood' when I was still on the block and being a rap star was just a dream." Check out the bracket below, and be sure to show some love to Memphis Bleek, always one to represent and loyal until the end