Drink Champs is quite possibly one of the best hip-hop podcasts out right now. With DJ EFN and NORE only bringing in elite guests, they manage to get their interview subjects faded while discussing their history. Most recently, Memphis Bleeksat down for the latest episode of the show where he dropped gems on essentially everything you could imagine.

One particularly interesting part of the interview was when Memphis Bleek recounted a life-changing speech made by Jay-Z back in the day. As Memphis told it, he was at his crib with "thots," or better known in those times as "little skeeos," when Jay-Z pulled up and reminded him that he was giving him an opportunity of a lifetime and it was up to him to take it or leave it.

"That's when I was like, 'yo, I'm never going to fall out of line again. You're right,'" he recounted. "He looked me in the eye. That n***a said, 'Yo, I been calling you all day to come to the studio. I'm trying to give you the opportunity to change this. To change your family life out there. This what you want? This what you want? You want to be in the crib with these thots in the hood?'" He added before NORE interjected with a little etymology lesson.

"He was like, 'n***a I'm trying to give you the opportunity to change everybody life in this apartment right now'," Memphis Bleek continued. "He like like, 'Remember one thing, I'm rich already. I don't need you, you need me, n***a.' [Jay] got up out the crib and left."