Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth dominated box offices last year with Thor: Ragnarok. The duo reunited for a Men In Black soft reboot, that will continue the stories of a secret government agency that deals with threats from space. The first three films starred Wil Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, with Josh Brolin joining for the third film as a younger agent K. While the first movie was a hit with fans, the second took a much more goofy approach that was criticized. Still, both films earned a ton of cash, which prompted the studio to create the third film with Brolin. Now that Smith and Jones have left the franchise, Thompson and Hemsworth will take over. 

Thompson shared a picture of her and Hemsworth in the desert, both rocking their all-black suits while using umbrellas to battle the sun's beaming rays. "Buds in Black," she wrote as the caption, opting to stray away from the proper Men In Black title. While Tessa is hardly the first female MIB agent, she will be the most prominently featured in the franchise (if you don't include Agent L's multiple appearances in the Men In Black animated series from the late 90's). Liam Neeson is rumored to be the main villain, while F. Gary Gray takes directorial duties. Men In Black is slated to drop Summer 2019.