Joe Budden's career has been littered with feuds, even before he transitioned into a full-time podcaster. The rapper-turned-media personality's feud with Wu-Tang Clan is heavily documented. During a recent interview with Math Hoffa, Method Man went into detail about his encounter with Joe Budden. Meth explained that he ran into Joe during an event in Long Island where the two attempted to chop it up before a scuffle occurred and everyone dispersed.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"I go to walk back toward the van [and someone's] like, ‘Joe wanna talk to you.' Where you at? Okay, I’ll go over here. We walk over there, we go behind the van. Now, Joe, you don’t know this, but the whole time you were talking, I was gonna snuff you but the reason why I didn’t, in that moment, was ’cause you said some real shit. Now, I don’t know exactly what it was word for word and shit, but it was definitely something that made me think in that moment, ‘Joe’s a very smart mothafucka.' Chess, not checkers," he said.

Meth said that he didn't think Joe was absorbing what he was saying but the Wu-Tang MC said that he offered words of encouragement. "It got to a point where I’m talking to him like, ‘You a talented muthafucka. You don’t need to go this route with all that dumb shit. But I’m telling you, after this moment, if there’s any more bullshit, my hands are tied," he added, revealing that Joe later went on to do an interview where he threw shots at Inspectah Deck and Raekwon

During Rock The Bells in California in 2009, Joe Budden was struck by someone in Raekwon's team while livestreaming. The narrative is that Joe was punched but Meth insisted that it was more of a smack. Still, Method Man believed that the conversation he had with Joe prior was enough of a warning to prevent an incident like this from occurring.

Check the clip out below.