Kanye West has stirred up a whole lot of controversy lately. While the majority of people have taken it at face value, there's also been conspiracy theories pertaining to his behavior. Many suggest this is all part of the role out for his forthcoming album while other people have said that this is part of a performance art piece. Method Man recently chimed in on the conversation and suggested the former. The Wu-Tang rapper explained that people shouldn't be feeding into it the way they have been.

Method Man joined the Cruz Show on Power 106 to speak on Drop The Mic season 2 and more. The conversation led to Cruz asking Meth on his take on Kanye's recent comments and actions. He explained that he sees the fact that 'Ye has some music on the way so there's a good chance his recent controversial takes have something to do with that.

"I think 'Ye got some music coming out so I'm seeing the angle there." He said, "Nobody just comes out and starts blurting this stuff out randomly. 'Cause we haven't heard from Kanye in months and all of a sudden there's all this stuff. You know, I could respect his opinion from afar. Very afar but c'mon man. He got some music coming out. Don't take this stuff seriously. Social media is the devil."

Meth comes across much more concerned for Kanye than he is offended by anything he's said in recent times.

"I just don't want Kanye to alienate himself from people that really love him." He said. "That's why people are reaching out. I mean regardless of how they're doing it with memes and stuff like that it's because we care... I don't think he's crazy. Shout out to Kanye. We love you, brotha. Come home."