Metro Boomin has been basically swimming in wins, and the Atlanta producer is currently enjoying his run as one of hip-hop's most trusted hit-makers. Last year alone, the producer probably multiplied his wealth exponentially, laying down beats for Migos, Future, Big Sean, 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and more. Recently, Metro contributed two instrumentals to Migos' new Culture 2 album, including production on the intro "Higher We Go," and the iced out "Emoji A Chain." On that note, Metro is clearly no stranger to jewelry; ice is a massive part of hip-hop culture, especially in Atlanta, where it serves as the ultimate status symbol.

Young Metro recently sat down with GQ to show off his impressive jewelry collection; for some context, the entire video is over seven minutes long. Starting with the pendants, Metro goes in depth, revealing the surrounding history and personal connection behind each piece. He busts out a "Boomin" pendant, as well as some nice "Boominati" pyramids, in honor of his record label. As the clip progresses, he moves onto rings and chains, recounting the time he took an elusive L. 

"Me and Southside had a show in LA one time, it was just going so crazy," says Metro. "I went to the front of the stage, and back to the DJ booth...I remember looking down, my necklace was on, hanging from my neck and my shirt but the pendant was gone. That was early on before I had this much, that was like one of my two or three pieces. So yeah, I took an L on that one that day, but you know, I got insurance."